Bamboo Straw & Cleaning Stick Set

Bamboo Straw & Cleaning Stick Set

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Set comprises of: 8 Bamboo Straws & 1 Cleaning Stick

These unique one-piece bamboo straws are handmade in rural Vietnamese villages, supporting the local communities.

...Did you know that 500,000 million plastic straws are used every day!?

  • Made from natural and sustainably sourced Vietnamese bamboo 
  • Each straw is unique in size, look and colour
  • With each Bamboo Straw comes 1 bamboo cleaning stick with a fabric cover
  • Treated naturally to prevent mould and smell
  • Based on circular economy and cradle to cradle perspectives
  • Food safe for cold and warm liquids
  • Approx 20 cm long
  • The diameter ranges from 0.6-1.5 cm 
  • Bamboo is a natural material with a limited product use