Why Bamboo

In today's world we are frequently reminded of the damaging effects we are doing on our environment and our only planet; deforestation, the depletion of natural resources and global warming.  We seem to be taking a lot more than we can now give back, something has to change.  So how can bamboo help?  Well it can't save our planet single handed, but its a good start.

So why is bamboo so good...it's great for the environment and healthy for us!!

It grows fast!! Like speedy fast!! It is the fastest growing plant on earth.  Bamboo can actually grow up to thirty metres, reaching maturity in just one to five years (species dependant) in comparison to hardwood trees that can take thirty to forty years. What does this mean?

Bamboo is the only wood plant that can help provide a solution to the very serious problem of deforestation and keep up with the rate of human consumption.

It's a renewable resource with zero waste!! As a result of its growth rate, bamboo is one of the most renewable plants on our planet.  Bamboo regrows after its harvesting.  It requires no pesticides or fertilisers to help it grow, its naturally organic.  Every part of the bamboo plant can be utilised, zero waste.

It absorbs carbon dioxide. Bamboo helps stabilise the planets atmosphere, absorbing more carbon dioxide than any other plant and releases thirty percent more oxygen in our atmosphere, thus helping to fight global climate changes!

It can grow virtually anywhere!! Bamboo requires very few nutrients and can grow in soil that is inhospitable to other plants.  Thus thriving and reclaiming the land so that other plants can thrive too. Its strong and extensive root system makes bamboo one of the most plant friendly substances in existence.

It's strong!! We mean like unbelievably strong. In fact it could even be the strongest stuff on our planet! How? Bamboo has a greater tensile strength than steel and can withstand compression superior to concrete.

It's versatile!! Bamboo has so many varied uses, that the fact it grows so quickly and abundantly and its strength makes it an ideal material for building, furniture, flooring and bike frames, for example.

It's antibacterial,hypoallergenic and anti-static!! Bamboo eliminates and prevents over seventy percent of bacteria that attempt to grow on it, whether this be in its natural or fabric form.  This natural antibacterial agent makes it non-irritating to the skin. As a result it’s also more hygienic than similar fabric types and it’s anti-static, too.  These unique properties enables bamboo to be used for clothing, health and beauty and baby.

It's a deodoriser!! Bamboo charcoal is very porous, absorbing large quantities of odour bacteria. An ever increasing list of items requiring natural deodorising properties are being produced with bamboo. Deodorant, insoles,bed sheets and clothing are to name but a few.

The use of bamboo is near limitless due to its many unique and useful properties.

 It's a healthy food source!! Bamboo shoots are a good source of fibre and potassium.  They are also low in fat and calories.

So, quite impressive eh?!!  We can't seem to find any reason why you shouldn't convert to bamboo right now.  Why don't you join us, start buying and using bamboo products, lets reduce the waste we are creating (especially this plastic thing we all keep using!!!!!). 

Go on do your little bit with us, use this magic plant where you can, and lets help save this little planet that we live on one piece of bamboo at a time!!