Our Family

This is our family, parents of two gorgeous little boys wanting to do our little bit for our planet, while teaching our little men that every little bit we can do in this big wide world can actually make a difference.

What made us start on our journey was the awareness that plastic is used everywhere and the realisation that plastic pollution is an enormous problem, and multiple solutions are needed to tackle this problem.  

For us this initially began from our pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.  Going to the gym, eating healthier and drinking more water. Hence, an increased consumption of bottled water!!  Whether these be for home, work or the gym.  We needed to find an alternative.  Don't get us wrong, there are plenty of reusable drinking bottles out there.  However, we wanted to find a natural, chemical free, zero-waste, sustainable alternative bottle to use on a day to day basis.  The answer for us, is Bamboo.  

We have begun with reusable bottles and straws (our little men love their bamboo straws and literally take them everywhere!), but we do not want our little family's journey to end here, instead we want to provide these alternatives to as many people as possible. Hence, Love Bamboo has begun.

We want to do our bit and together we can stop the use and purchase of one million plastic bottles per minute! YES, ONE MILLION!!!!

Going forward our aim is to source and provide other beautiful, natural, zero wasted and ethically sourced bamboo products suitable for the whole family and the environment we live in.