When you think about the environment we live in and its current state, you will probably not think that a small household product, our toothbrush, that we use on a daily basis, would actually be a contributing factor to these problems.  

If you think about how many toothbrushes you use in a year, the average is four per person. Not many, you are thinking.  However, multiply that by the population of your country and then the world.  The number of plastic toothbrushes we use and discard equates to BILLIONS per year!!!!!!

For the UK alone, 4 toothbrushes per person per year, multiply this by the current population, about 66 million = Over 260 Million toothbrushes in the UK per year.

Where do these toothbrushes go when they are discarded? Most of these toothbrushes either end up floating in the ocean where they can damage ecosystems or filling up giant landfills.

A Bamboo toothbrush is an alternative to our plastic toothbrush.  What's the difference? 

To your oral hygiene - nothing, it does the same job.

To our planet - one will sit in our landfills and make that pile of plastic waste even bigger!!! The other, is sustainable because it grows so fast and it biodegrades. Hence, it won't sit there in a landfill, forever!!

Bamboo toothbrushes are a little more expensive to buy.  However, doesn't  the thought of doing your own little bit for our planet and environment outweigh this expense? Remember EVERY plastic toothbrush impacts our environment.  Don't make your toothbrush part of the problem.  Switch to bamboo, and help make our world that little bit better.